X5 acquires Novatel
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About Us

NovaTel is a team of communication experts dedicated to delivering quality innovative services. We never stop striving to make our products and services more reliable and cost effective. We work every day to forge meaningful relationships with all of our clients. We focus on delivering unrivaled support from our technicians and engineers to our sales and administrative teams.

The network is the core of your business and our network is built to withstand the most demanding requirements. Designed for tomorrow’s needs, NovaTel’s network is engineered to deliver the highest quality, reliability, and on demand scalability. This will allow your business to grow faster and operate more efficiently while keeping your data safe and secure.

As a consistent leader in the telecommunications industry for over 15 years, NovaTel is relied on by application providers, contact centers, carriers and Fortune 500 enterprises across North America, APAC, CALA, and EMEA.

NovaTel provides an extensive range of products, industry know-how and eagerness to tackle the most complex and challenging requirements. Our engineering and support teams are telecom experts that take great pride in delivering the best customer service! Our team is your team 24x7x365.