X5 acquires Novatel
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NovaTel provides DID, toll free and ITFS origination worldwide. We have interconnected with most of the global Tier1 carriers using fully meshed dedicated links to ensure reliable call completion.

US Domestic
We offer extensive coverage to the US 48 and extended areas to meet all of your inbound needs.

  • Metered or channel based
  • Over 10,000 rate centers
  • CNAM (Caller ID) delivery
  • Fail over
  • Scalability
  • One or Two Way DID Trunks
  • Take Back & Transfer

For customers who operate globally, NovaTel offers extensive international inbound coverage. Leveraging our international wholesale partnerships we can provide origination in over 80 countries.

  • DID, ITFS, UIFN and in-country toll free
  • Flexible routing options
  • Rapid implementation
  • Customized networking
  • Metered or channel based