X5 acquires Novatel
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Total Reach

Remove the hassle of toll free provisioning and management with NovaTel’s Total Reach, our simplistic yet comprehensive toll free LCR solution. On average Total Reach cuts toll free origination cost by 30%; while also providing unseen savings of removing the resources dedicated to provisioning and procurement. We have the flexibility to translate and aggregate multiple originations, technologies and PSTN delivery methods into a single trunk via open internet, private network or TDM.

  • NovaTel maintains its own Resporg and is recognized within the SMS/800 database.
  • Total Reach utilizes both SIP and TDM origination to provide access diversity.
  • Interconnected with multiple Tier 1 carriers for traffic origination.
  • Total Reach offers redundancy within its carriers and the Novatel infrastructure utilizing POPs in CA, NY, FL and TX.
  • NovaTel’s platform accommodates g711, g729, and t38 protocols.

NovaTel prides itself on offering customer savings when it comes to toll free services. We provide customer analyses and customized routing plans for the client’s origination patterns. We utilize carrier on net footprints to offer best cost and savings solutions for our customer without sacrificing quality.